Picture of Madmoni Ron

Madmoni Ron

Born and raised in Jerusalem. I started studying at the Technion after serving 6 years in the army. My main field of interest is signal processing. In my free time I play the piano (mostly jazz) and like long distance running. Continue Reading Madmoni Ron
Picture of Itay Golan

Itay Golan

I have always been interested in technology – Since I was a kid, building websites for fun, through my army service as an office in 8200, the technological unit. Studying computer engineering here at the Technion let me expand my knowledge in the fields I love the most. On my (almost none) free time, I hang out with friends at the beachthe local pub. Continue Reading Itay Golan
Picture of Brian Chmiel

Brian Chmiel

My name is Brian Chmiel, was born in 1990 in Buenos Aires, Argentina. In 1999 I made Aliyah with my family to Kiriat Bialik, where I spend most of my living. Prior of the Technion I served 3 years at the Intelligence forces. My main study interests are programming and signal processing. My other interests includes traveling, sports, music and movies. Continue Reading Brian Chmiel
Picture of Avdella George

Avdella George

I’m a forth year student in computer engineering at the Technion. I’m enjoying my time learning how things work and trying to improve them. There is a lot of space for invention and creativity to make a better future. Continue Reading Avdella George
Picture of Alon Shoshan

Alon Shoshan

Born November 1989, grew up in Hadera. Now I’m finishing my last year of studies for first degree in Electrical Engineering. Before I started studying at the Technion I served three years in the “Palchan” (Engineering) unit of the “Nahal” infantry Brigade. Some of my hobbies are playing basketball and hiking. Continue Reading Alon Shoshan
Picture of Aberdam Aviad

Aberdam Aviad

First year Student in Electricity Engineering Faculty. I am 25 years old, married to Esti and a father to Hadar. Most of my life I have lived in Haifa. After high school, I learned in a Yeshiva in Ma'ale Adummim. In the army, I served in Golani's brigade as a worrier and as a Squad Leader. I love to spend time with my family, to travel and play basketball Continue Reading Aberdam Aviad


Picture of Yoni Chechik

Yoni Chechik

Chechik Yoni I’m from Haifa. In the end of my first year in the Department of Electrical Engineering. I like to hike and to have good time with my friends. Continue Reading Yoni Chechik
Picture of Tork Maroun

Tork Maroun

My name is Maroun Tork, I am 23 years old. I was raised in Nazareth, currently I live in Haifa. I am starting my M.Sc. at the Technion, my interest area is computer engineering. In my B.Sc. I have done projects about robotics, machine learning and accelerated systems. I like sports, in my free time I read books and listen to music. Continue Reading Tork Maroun
Picture of Noa Yehezkel

Noa Yehezkel

I am 23 years old and originally from Or Yehudah. Prior to the Technion, I served as a commander at the Intelligence force. Nowadays I work at the Israeli Aerospace Industry and continue to volunteer in the SPACEIL project. Aside from Science and Technology, I have great passion for languages and skiing. Continue Reading Noa Yehezkel
Picture of Mor Shpigel

Mor Shpigel

I was always attracted to science and technology. As a child I used to take piano lesson and was the only girl in an extracurricular electronics class. Later, in junior high I attended and graduated a mathematics program for gifted youth in Bar Ilan University. Continue Reading Mor Shpigel
Picture of Maya Fleischer

Maya Fleischer

Maya Fleischer 23 years old, live in Jerusalem. I have a twin sister – Dana. This is my third semester in computer engineering, and I started working at REFAEL from the beginning of this semester. I used to be a swimmer (I now swim as a part of the Technion team) as a part of my army duty. Continue Reading Maya Fleischer
Picture of Guy Barshatski

Guy Barshatski

My name is Guy, I was born in 1989 and raised in Akko. I study computer engineering at the Technion – a combined track from the computer science and electrical engineering departments. I am working in the field of Real-Time and Embedded Programming for a few years. In my spare time I enjoy traveling and sports. Continue Reading Guy Barshatski
Picture of Atalya Alon

Atalya Alon

I am highly interested in Electrical Engineering and Computer Science. At the age of sixteen I moved to Costa Rica to study at UWCCR: an international school and one of the United World Colleges. Outside university I enjoy different types of sports and take part in the Technion Orienteering team. Continue Reading Atalya Alon


Picture of Tsesses Shai

Tsesses Shai

Now an M.Sc. student at the Technion EE faculty, I'm interested in light-matter interactions in nanometric systems, aspiring towards better optical microscopy, better optical information processing and possibly - more efficient lighting mechanisms. In the free time I don't have, I enjoy a film, tv series or the occasional good book, mostly while listening to awesome music. Continue Reading Tsesses Shai
Picture of Tsabary Itay

Tsabary Itay

My name is Itay and I am a student in the electrical engineering faculty of the Technion. My interest areas are computer engineering and computer science. I served in the IDF in the intelligence core. My hobbies include sports and playing the guitar. Continue Reading Tsabary Itay
Picture of Tennenholtz Guy

Tennenholtz Guy

Picture of Nemchenko Anton

Nemchenko Anton

My name is Anton Nemchenko, I was born in 1990 in Ukraine and came to Israel at the age of 7. I was raised in Haifa and graduated from "Leo Baeck" high school. Afterwards I served in the Armored Corps as a medic. In my spare time I enjoy running and swimming. I'm interested in the fields of signal processing and computer architectures. Continue Reading Nemchenko Anton
Picture of Mulayoff Rotem

Mulayoff Rotem

Picture of Mazor Roee

Mazor Roee

Ever since I was little, I had great passion towards technology. I haven’t chosen my main field of interest yet, even though Nanotechnology and its appliances in the digital world seem to attract me greatly. For fun, I practice off road motorcycle riding. I was born in Petah-Tikva, raised in Hod-Hasharon, and now I live nearby the campus. I truly enjoy studying and look forward to advance and broaden my knowledge in many fields of interests. Continue Reading Mazor Roee
Picture of Liraz Dan

Liraz Dan

Picture of Karp Ofer

Karp Ofer

Picture of Drachsler Dorin

Drachsler Dorin

Picture of Chernyak Yonatan

Chernyak Yonatan

Picture of Brukhis Daniel

Brukhis Daniel

My name is Daniel Brukhis, was born in 1991 in Holon, but spent most of my living in Givat Ada. Currently I live in Haifa, work at Intel's Architecture department and study at the Technion. My main study interests are computer architecture, programming and physics. My other interests include languages, traveling, sports, reading books, music and movies. Continue Reading Brukhis Daniel
Picture of Angel Nimrod

Angel Nimrod

I’m 25 years old and currently studying electrical engineering at the Technion. I was raised at Kochav Yair and lived there until I moved to Haifa for my studies. I like sports, reading books and travelling abroad. Continue Reading Angel Nimrod
Picture of Amrani Elad

Amrani Elad

Picture of Amir Idan

Amir Idan



Picture of Yair Or

Yair Or

Picture of Tsiper Shahar

Tsiper Shahar

Picture of Rosen Peleg

Rosen Peleg


Popko Ofir

Picture of Itzhak Dor

Itzhak Dor

Picture of Israeli Etgar

Israeli Etgar

Picture of Ioushua Dor

Ioushua Dor

Born in 1988, Began studying in the 2011/2012 winter semester. I served in the IDF as a combat soldier and commander in the special unit "Egoz". My hobbies include watching and playing different types of sports, spending time with my lovely girlfriend, and I take great interest in political and economic current events. Continue Reading Ioushua Dor
Picture of Grijnevitch Inna

Grijnevitch Inna

I study towards a BSc in Software and Computer Engineering (8th semester). My main fields of interest are computational biology, networks and software design, but I keep my mind open to other fields. I’m working at the IBM Haifa research labs, in the field of design automation. In my free time I like to exercise, cook, read books and practice German. Continue Reading Grijnevitch Inna
Picture of Geva Adam

Geva Adam

After five years as an external pilot of unmanned aircraft in the israeli army, I am now in my third year of undergraduate electrical engineering. I would like to continue towards research and development with my interests in signal processing and control systems. Continue Reading Geva Adam

Eshed Ram

Picture of Cassel Asaf

Cassel Asaf



Picture of Uliel David

Uliel David


Rotman Daniel

Picture of Jaffe Tsach

Jaffe Tsach

Picture of Farbman Barak

Farbman Barak

Starting my M.Sc. At the Technion, my academic interests are machine learning, communications, computer networks and systems. In my B.Sc. I've done projects about satellite imaging, UWB communication and traffic-light control. I like almost all kinds of sport (watching) and extreme sports such as skiing, scuba diving and skydiving (doing). I also like reading. Continue Reading Farbman Barak

Dalal Gal

Picture of Attias Chen

Attias Chen



Picture of Hanuka Adi

Hanuka Adi

I was born in 1987 in Nesher. I spent my army service as an officer in the intelligence, IDF. My great love is dancing – I dance various styles since I was 4 years old. I performed with the Nesher's Dance group for long time. I played organ for about 10 years. I Speak Spanish and Chinese. Continue Reading Hanuka Adi

Gil Shamai

Picture of Even Chen Nir

Even Chen Nir