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Picture of Yuval Silman

Yuval Silman

I was born in 1992, in Haifa. In high school I studied physics and chemistry. I served in the IDF, in the unit of bomb disposal (EOD specialist) as a combat soldier and as a commander. After my military service I worked on MSC cruise ships as the Chief Security on board. When I returned back to Israel I studied the real estate field and experienced entrepreneur. I enjoy overcoming obstacles and expanding my horizons. Continue Reading Yuval Silman
Picture of Yoni Osin

Yoni Osin

email:  yoni.osin@gmail.com
Graduate of the Robotics-Physics program in highschool, Ra’nana highschool “Aviv”. Successfully finished the Bar-Ilan program for talented youth in mathematics, and participated in LEAD, for developing young leadership in Israel. I served as an officer in the intelligence unit 8200, and finished my service as Captain. Continue Reading Yoni Osin
Picture of Yaniv Zegerson

Yaniv Zegerson

email:  yanivzeg@campus.technion.ac.il
I was born in 1995 in Jerusalem. In high school, I majored in computer science and biology. I volunteered to the army after being medically exempted and served in the air force intelligence for almost a year. I came to the Technion to study electrical engineering for its diverse fields of study. I love learning new things and I am interested in many subjects, such as artificial intelligence, nanotechnology and algorithms. I live in Haifa with my girlfriend. In my spare time I love playing with our two dogs, traveling, listening to music and exercising. Continue Reading Yaniv Zegerson
My name is Uri Gadot, I was born in 1993. I am currently in my second year of Electricity engineering studies in the Technion. I am originally from the city of Rosh Ha’Ayin, but I am currently leaving in Haifa. I served 5 years in the intelligence force of IDF. I am very interested in technology and that is the main reason I joined EE studies. My hobbies are sports: participating and watching, and cooking. Continue Reading Uri Gadot
Picture of Shahar Yadin

Shahar Yadin

email:  sahar.yadin@campus.technion.ac.il
My name is Shahar Yadin , I’m 24 years old. I was born in Haifa, and grew up in Shimshit – a community settlement in “Emek Yizrael”. Since I was child, I had an obsession for Math and for understanding how things works, and that’s the main reason that I chose to study in the Technion. I like sports and in my free time I go to the gym or run outdoors. Continue Reading Shahar Yadin
Picture of Shahar Gottlieb

Shahar Gottlieb

My name is Shahar Gottlieb and I was born in 1993. In high school I majored in physics and music. I think there is a lot in common between musicians and engineers! When graduating high school, I became a tank commander in the IDF for 3 years. Then- after a year of backpacking abroad I’m currently studying computer engineering at the Technion. In my free time, I love hiking and to sing and play music on various instruments. Continue Reading Shahar Gottlieb
Picture of shahaf gal

shahaf gal

email:  galshac@gmail.com
Born in the year 1990, grew up in the city of Haifa, in where I was a group leader in the Hebrew Scouts Organisation. Served as a research officer in an elite unit in the Intelligence corp. Currently a freshman at the EE faculty. Interested in R & D of alternative sources of Energy, and in the area of Cyber. Continue Reading shahaf gal
Picture of Rubin Mizrahi

Rubin Mizrahi

email:  rubinm@campus.technion.ac.il
I am 24 years old and live in Tel-Mond. In high school I studied Computer Science. Before my studies I served as a squad leader in the Kfir infantry brigade. Today I’m on my second year of Electric Engineering studies. Continue Reading Rubin Mizrahi
Picture of Rotem Levinson

Rotem Levinson

email:  rotemle@gmail.com
Born in 1993 at Kiryat-Haim. In high school I studied physics and computer science as my majors and realized that I want to learn engineering. I served 4 years at the Israeli Navy. I have chosen to learn Electrical Engineering Because I think it combining all my fields of interest. My main hobby is sports and mostly cycling. I am a member of the Technion Mountain Bike team and participates in national races. Continue Reading Rotem Levinson
Picture of Rotem Cohen Zedek

Rotem Cohen Zedek

email:  rotemcz1@gmail.com
I am 23 years old, from Ramat-Gan. Graduated from Blich high school with a medicine major and served as a computer instructor at the IDF before starting school at the Technion. Apart from studying I enjoy spending time with friends, traveling, and reading. Continue Reading Rotem Cohen Zedek
Picture of Roie Reshef

Roie Reshef

email:  sror@campus.technion.ac.il
My name is Roie. Ever since I was a child, I liked math and logical riddles, and I always wanted to learn new things. I like explaining things to others, as it deepens my own understanding on the subject. I am enjoying my studying in the Technion very much, because every lesson teaches me something new or gives me a new perspective about something that I have already known. Continue Reading Roie Reshef
Picture of Ori liniai

Ori liniai

email:  liniai04@gmail.com
Born in Haifa and raised in Zichron-Ya'akov. My parents are both from Haifa and my father graduated the Technion in 1980, so it was an obvious choice for me. I started studying after serving 5 years as an officer in the Israeli Air-Force. My main field of interest is machine learning and computer vision. I love spending time with my family, traveling and playing basketball. Continue Reading Ori liniai
My name is Ori, I am 20 years old. I grew up living in Kiryat Haim. Currently I am in my second year in the Technion studying Electrical Engineering. However, I have’nt served in the army yet as I am part of a program called ‘Atuda’ which means I am going to serve in the army as an engineer after I finish my graduation. I like sports, to play tennis in particular, and my greatest love is Manchester United. Continue Reading Ori Cohen
I was born in 1996 in Nahariya. I studied physics and robotics in high school. Before I started studying, I worked as a teacher in a place called “Ezmath” in Nahariya, teaching pupils from elementary school as well as high school. In my free time I like traveling, reading and do sports such as running and swimming. Continue Reading Ohad Sharabi
Picture of Noam Rotstein

Noam Rotstein

email:  snoamr@campus.technion.ac.il
My name is Noam Rotstein and I am 23 years old. I was born and raised in Haifa to an Argentinian family. In the army, I served as a technician in the communication corps. In my free time I like to travel, run, play soccer and hang out with my friends. Now, I am currently studying electrical Engineering at the Technion. Continue Reading Noam Rotstein
I was born in Hadera in 1994 and grew up in Pardes-Hana, I went to Meir Shfeya high school and graduated in 2012 majoring biology and computer science. I enlisted to the IDF in 2012 and served in "Kfir" brigade. In 2017 I started studying electrical engineering in the Technion and I’m currently in my second year. Continue Reading Noam Dan
I grew up and lived in Rishon Lezion. I served in the IDF for 4.5 years as an officer in an elite intelligence unit. First as a satellite operator, and then as a team commander and a professional authority. I found my military service extremely interesting and challenging. Dealing with sensitive, complicated and interesting intelligence electrical systems, teaching, and managing teams drove me towards Electrical Engineering studies. I wanted to study at a faculty that will fit my interest fields and will be able to “open the door” for higher education and research, as well as practical work. I believe that the Electrical Engineering faculty was the best option for me. Continue Reading Niv Granot
Picture of Nimrod Barazani

Nimrod Barazani

email:  nimrod.b@campus.technion.ac.il
My name is Nimrod Barazani. Born in 1994, grew up in Ma’ale Adumim and graduated from Dekel Vilna’i high school majored in computers and physics. I served three and a half years in the army in the Intelligence Corps. Currently I’m studying computer engineering in the Technion. In my spare time, I enjoy listening to music, hanging out with friends and travel. Continue Reading Nimrod Barazani
Picture of Netanel Bloch

Netanel Bloch

email:  nbloch@campus.technion.ac.il
French-Israeli student in computer engineering with a strong interest in integrated circuits, signal processing and algorithms. Worked as teacher of electronics basics to children. Has studied for a semester in South Korea as an exchange student at KAIST university. Continue Reading Netanel Bloch
Picture of Nelson Golden

Nelson Golden

email:  golden@campus.technion.ac.il
My name is Nelson Goldenstein. I am 21 years old, from Rio de Janeiro – Brazil. I was a Madrich at Bnei Akiva Rio for 5 years. I’ve made Aliyah alone last year, and I’m currently studying Computer Engineering at the Technion. I love learning new things and visiting new places. Continue Reading Nelson Golden
Picture of Nadav Kadvil

Nadav Kadvil

email:  kadviln@campus.technion.ac.il
Born in 1991 and grew up in Kiriat Bialik. Served as systems technician in the IDF intelligence corp. Apart from studying I enjoy playing the guitar, traveling, and spending time with friends Continue Reading Nadav Kadvil
Picture of Nadav Ben-David

Nadav Ben-David

email:  nadavben@campus.technion.ac.il
I’m Nadav Ben David from Petah Tikva. Starting in high school, I longed to learn academic math and engineering. So, at age 18, i decided to enroll to the Technion and serve in the IDF as an Academic Atudai. Nowadays, I am in my second year of Electrical Engineering studies and employed as a student tutor in Unit for the Advancement of Students. I love social boards games and taekwondo as hobbies Continue Reading Nadav Ben-David
Picture of Muhammad Abu yonis

Muhammad Abu yonis

email:  Muhammad96m@campus.technion.ac.il
Hi, my name is Muhammad, I am 19. I grew up in Sakhnin and studied at albshaer high school. I love football, my best time is when I watch a game of Real Madrid. My dream is to create something new Continue Reading Muhammad Abu yonis
My name is Jeremy Levy. I am 20 years old, originally from Paris. I am a second year student in computer engineering. I am passionate about the hardware field. In my free time I play chess and soccer. Continue Reading Jeremy Levy
Picture of Itay Wolkowitz

Itay Wolkowitz

email:  itayw@campus.technion.ac.il
Born in 1991 and grew up in Kibbutz Yad Mordechai. I studied Computer science in High school and served as an intelligence officer and software developer in the Prime Minister’s Office before starting my Electrical Engineering studies at the Technion. Continue Reading Itay Wolkowitz
Picture of Itay Levi

Itay Levi

email:  <itaylevavi@gmail.com
I was born in 1991 and grew up in Netanya city. served as a paratrooper and a commander in the IDF. currently study computer engineering, and work in the field of computer vision. my favorite hobbies include sports, singing, and playing the guitar. i am married to Yael, my great love, and father to Anava Continue Reading Itay Levi
Picture of Idan Shapira

Idan Shapira

email:  idan.sh@campus.technion.ac.il
I was born in 1991 and originally from Beit Yitzhak. I’ve studied Biology and Physics in high school and served in the IDF communication corps. Currently studying electric engineering, my greatest passion is learning new things. In my free time I enjoy playing the guitar and reading books. Continue Reading Idan Shapira
Picture of Husam Jubran

Husam Jubran

email:  husamjubran@campus.technion.ac.il
My name is Husam Jubran. I was born in 1997. I grew up in Reine Village and attended the Nazareth Baptist School. This is my second year in the Technion, studying Computer Engineering at the Electrical Engineering department. In my free time, I enjoy spending time with friends, singing, and playing basketball. Continue Reading Husam Jubran
I am Hiba Abbud, from shefa-amr, i was born in 2000, Although my young age I have enrolled in the Technion in Electric Engineering . To achieve my high ambitions,I Have always worked very hard in order to succeed and to be in the top tier. I love my field and the most thing I am passionate about doing researches in electrical and computer engineering. Continue Reading Heba Abbud
Picture of Hagay Michaeli

Hagay Michaeli

email:  hagaymi@campus.technion.ac.il
I was born in Kfar Saba in 1994 and was raised there. My mandatory military service was in the Navy as a sailor in the missile ship unit, and as a leader in the navy training camp. I started studying electrical engineering in the Technion in 2017 and began working as a tutor in the student’s association during my first year of studies. In my second year I joined the EMET program. I enjoy reading and practicing sports, and on vacations I like traveling and scuba diving. Continue Reading Hagay Michaeli
Picture of Hagai Kariti

Hagai Kariti

email:  hkariti@gmail.com
was born in 1989 and grew up in Kiryat Atta. I’ve been interested in computers since I was a child. Currently I’m studying Computer Engineering and working as a system administrator. In my free time I like to climb walls and play the guitar. Continue Reading Hagai Kariti
Picture of Hadar Serviansky

Hadar Serviansky

email:  hadarser@campus.technion.ac.il
I was born and raised in Kfar-Saba, and today I live in Haifa. I studied in Hertzog high school in Kfar-Saba, and shortly afterwards joined the IDF. Today I study Computer Engineering in the Technion. Continue Reading Hadar Serviansky
I was born in 1995, and lived my whole life in Atlit. Even though I have always been loving science, during my childhood I didn’t invest in school a lot, but instead played videos games and did extreme sports like surfing and skateboarding. After serving in the technology unit of the intelligence corps, I joined the Technion and discovered that research and engineering is the purpose of my life. Continue Reading Guy Ohayon
My name is Guy Nimri. I am 25 years old, I was born in Haifa and raised in Petah Tikva. In high school I studied physics and computer science as my majors. In the IDF I served as a DBA in the Intelligence Corps. After the army, I continued to work in that field. Currently I am in my second year of computer engineering studies. In my free time I like sports, especially football and billiards. Continue Reading Guy Nimri
Picture of Gal Yefet

Gal Yefet

email:  galyefet1919@gmail.com
My name is gal, I am 23 years old. I was born and raised in Kiryat Haim and studied at Kiryat Haim high school in the physics and computers departments. Currently I am in my second year in the Technion studying Electrical Engineering which I found really challenging and intriguing. In my free time I do kitesurfing and playing soccer. Continue Reading Gal Yefet
Picture of Eyal Naor

Eyal Naor

email:  eyalnaor2@gmail.com
My name is Eyal Naor. I am 26 years old, originally from Givat-Ela, a small town in Emek Yizrael. After my IDF service in the Intelligence force and a trip to South-East Asia, I began studying in the Technion’s ‘Rothschild Scholars Program’, and decided to study Electrical Engineering. I am currently living with my girlfriend, Ron, in the Technion’s dorms. Continue Reading Eyal Naor
I am 24 years old. I grew up in the Krayot. After high school I went to a yeshivah for one year in Afula. After the Yeshiva I enlisted to the army for 3 years, I served in Givati brigade. Continue Reading Dvir Marsh
Picture of Dana Shpernat

Dana Shpernat

email:  danashp@campus.technion.ac.il
I was born in 1996 and grew up in Yehud. I graduated the Comprehensive High School Yehud, majoring in Physics and Chemistry. I later served as a behavioral science analyst in the intelligence corps of the IDF and was awarded an outstanding soldier certificate. I started studying at the Technion on October 2017. I am curious and enthusiastic about science and technology. In addition to my academic efforts i enjoy spending time with family and friends, and travelling in Israel and abroad. Continue Reading Dana Shpernat
Picture of Chen Ben porat

Chen Ben porat

email:  chen.b@campus.technion.ac.il
My name is Chen Ben porat. I am 22 years old, grew up in Netanya. After graduating high school, where I majored in physics, I served 2 years in the national service as a tour guide. Before starting my degree at Technion, I studied Torah for a year in Mitspe Ramon. I like to travel, read, bake and spend time with my family. Continue Reading Chen Ben porat
Picture of Carmel Rabinovitz

Carmel Rabinovitz

email:  carmelrab@campus.technion.ac.il
I was born in Haifa in 1990 as the youngest of three brothers. As a teenager in high school I spent most of my time as a member of the Hebrew Scouts Youth Organization in “shevet Afik”. First as a guide to 9-11 years old children, most of them came from non-well based houses, economically or socially, and later as a young leader in charge of all the guides and children (about 500) in “Afik” branch.This experience taught me some important values for life and the importance of a well socially function community that supports all of its members. Both of my parents got their PHD at the Technion and they were thrilled when I chose to study at the Electrical Engineering Faculty. I’ve started my studies a year and a half ago, after completing my 5 and a half years of service at the IDF. I served as a officer in one of the IDF’s elite intelligence units, my service was challenging, interesting and full with satisfaction. I learned a lot about myself from the experience of commanding other soldiers and officers, and proud of my achievements (which are classified), but I can say that one of the projects I was involved in won Israel Security Award. Continue Reading Carmel Rabinovitz
Picture of Arik Rinberg

Arik Rinberg

email:  arikrinberg@campus.technion.ac.il
Born in England and made Aliyah to Israel with my family in 1996. My family moved to Raanana, where I lived until I married my wife, Noa, and we moved to Haifa. I attended high school at Matkab in Kfar Batya. After that I attended Maale Gilboa Yeshiva before drafting into the army into Search and Rescue. I decided to study Electrical Engineering, and chose the Technion because I wouldn’t settle for anything other than the best. Continue Reading Arik Rinberg
Born in 1989 in Kibbutz Yotvata. Spent my childhood in the horses’ farm, a certified horseback riding instructor. Graduated high school with “Model Student” award for out of school activities. Volunteered a year working with youth at risk. Served 4 years in the EOD unit. Traveled abroad, and came back to start my EE studies on October 2015. Continue Reading Amnon Wahle
Picture of Ameer Abu-Hanna

Ameer Abu-Hanna

email:  amir-a@gmail.com
I was born in 1998 and raised in Miilya. I love music, physics and math. Most of my time is either spent on practicing the piano, swimming or playing chess. I’m very satisfied of what I’ve reached until this time, however, I cannot stop looking forward to where I would be! Continue Reading Ameer Abu-Hanna
I was born and raised in Givatayim. In high school I studied physics and computer science as my majors, and today I’m taking electrical engineering track in the faculty. From a very young age I was interested in computers. Continue Reading Adi Hayon
Picture of Adi Ben-Hayun

Adi Ben-Hayun

email:  adi.ben@campus.technion.ac.il
My name is Adi Ben-Hayun. I was born in 1995 and live in Hadera. In high school I learnt physics and computer science. In the army I was a network technician for the air force. Now I’m in the Technion, studying electrical engineering, and as learning is my greatest passion, I greatly enjoy it. In my free time I like to read fantasy books and play video games. Continue Reading Adi Ben-Hayun