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Research-Oriented Excellence Program

This is a four-year study program designed for outstanding students interested in research. The goals are to acquire comprehensive technological knowledge in the scientific fields studied in the department (electronics, computers and communications), and introduce the tools for research and development positions in the industry and in research. The program provides its graduates, in addition to the bachelor’s degree, also a certificate of “Graduate of the Research-oriented Excellence Program” and automatic acceptance as candidates to higher degrees at the department.

Up to 10 points of graduate-level courses will be recognized for graduate studies, appropriate for the chosen field of study, subject to achieving adequate performance.


Study Structure of the Research-Oriented Excellence Program

  • Acceptance Terms:

At the beginning of the studies and until the end of the first semester –an acceptance grade (סכם) of at least 95 and a personal interview. Later, at the beginning of each academic year, students who are summa com laude and accumulated up to 80 points can apply to the program; acceptance is based on a personalized interview. The program is intended for students of electrical engineering, computer engineering and computer software engineering.

  • Course of Study:

Students accepted to the program will be required to maintain a high accumulated average and the semesterial average that will be determined upon acceptance and will be compatible with the top 7% of the students in the EE Faculty. In order to be entitled to a “Graduate of the Research-oriented Excellence program” certificate, the student has to graduate with a sufficiently high average to be entitled to continue as an MSc candidate with a fellowship.

During the first two years of study, students will be advised by a faculty member who is in charge of the program. In the third year, every student will have a personal advisor suited to her or his field of interest.

Students in the program are required to study 6 additional graduate-level points, beyond the regular program. In addition, they will be required to carry out a research project – 044000. Up to 10 points will be recognized as credit points for graduate studies at the department.

  • Benefits:

Students accepted to the program will receive the Meyer fellowship. This scholarship will be given at the end of each academic year to students who met the requirements and took part in the program activities. Half of the fellowship is designated for tuition (for students who pay the tuition) and half as a reward.

Participants will also enjoy the existing benefits for excellent students, such as a flexible study program.